Friday, January 18, 2013


            Mother and I were talking politics, and that is a dangerous thing to do at the breakfast table.

“Alfred?” said Mother, “I just don’t know who to vote for!”  She dug fiercely into her grapefruit and a stray squirt of grapefruit juice soared across the table striking me on the right cheek just below the eye.

Thank goodness the juice landed on my cheek and not on my ascot.  I picked up the linen napkin from my lap and daubed gently at the grapefruit juice on my cheek. 

            “You know, Alfred,” said Mother, “there are some social concerns regarding this election that have been bothering me.  President, or not, Rich Man, or not; I’m not sure I would invite either of them home for dinner.  Equality and religious freedom are alright, but after all, enough is enough.”

            I looked Mother in the eye and said, “It won’t really make much of a difference anyway.  No matter which way I vote you will tell me you voted the other way just to cancel my vote!”

            Mother was silent for a few minutes, and then said affectionately, “Oh, Alfred, I don’t really do that.  I’m just having a bit of fun.  After all I do have to keep you young, but I am very serious about the social dilemma this election poses.

            “I know what you mean, Mother,” said I.  It is a quandary, but you know we don’t have to invite either of them home for dinner.  The election is a bit above our social likes and dislikes.  The problem is that one of them is going to be elected and we will be unhappy no matter what happens.  For my part I wish we could go back to the old system.  I wish we had a Constitutional Monarchy.  I wish we had a King and a true Royal Family, and leave the politics to the politicians.   

            “Oh, Alfred,” said Mother with stars in her eyes, “Just think, if we could be King and Queen!  King Alfred and Queen Letitia!  How wonderful that would be.”

            Mother sometimes can be quite alarming.  “There is no use dreaming Mother.  You and I may recognize our value, but fortunately, or unfortunately, this is a republic and a democracy.  We rule by the lowest common denominator.  There are some obvious social constraints that result from that, but that won’t last forever.  Why I was reading the other day that we are in the end to be called Kings and Queens and reign with Him forever.”

            “Him? Kings and Queens?” said Mother, “Where earth did you get that strange notion?”

            I felt my face flush a little as I answered, “Well, Mother, I must confess that I have been reading Holy Scripture.’

            Mother stared at me then burst out, “Say it isn’t so, Alfred.  Reading the Bible, of all things!  Why don’t you just stick to reading the National Geographic?  That’s why we purchased a lifetime subscription.”

            “Mother,” said I, my voice shaking a little, “It’s good to broaden one’s mind.  Truth be told, after you’ve read one or two years of National Geographic you’ve read them all.”
"Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you.  For everyone who asks receives, and the one who seeks finds, and to the one who knocks, it will be opened” (Matthew 7:7-8).   

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